हनुमान चालीसा अंग्रेजी में अनुवाद सहित

Hanuman Chalisa with translation in English 

श्रीगुरु चरन सरोज रज बी

In the Lotus feet of my teacher/Guardian

निज मन मुकुर सुधारि।

I purify the mirror of my heart

बरनउँ रघुबर बिमल जसु

I illustrate the story of immaculate Rama

जो दायकु फल चारि॥

which bestows four fruits (The 4 Purusharth : desire, prosperity, righteousness, liberation)

बुद्धिहीन तनु जानिकै

Considering myself as frail & unwise

सुमिरौं पवनकुमार।

I contemplate Son of Wind (Hanuman)

बल बुद्धिविद्या देहु मोहिं

to impart power, knowledge & civilization

हरहु कलेश विकार ॥

& to eradicate all the miseries of life.

जय हनुमान ज्ञान गुन सागर।

I glorify lord Hanuman, the deep sea of knowledge & virtues

जय कपीस तिहुँ लोक उजागर॥

I glorify The Monkey man “Vanara”, who lightens the three worlds (earth, atmosphere & beyond) 

राम दूत अतुलित बल धामा।

I glorify the faithful envoy of lord Ram,

अंजनि पुत्र पवनसुत नामा॥

who is also known as son of anjana (anjaniputra) & wind’s son (pavansuta)

महाबीर बिक्रम बजरंगी।

You are the distinguished warrior, the courageous & possess strength as “Indra’s vajra”

कुमति निवार सुमति के संगी॥

You demolish despicable mind and befriend fine intellect

कंचन बरन बिराज सुबेसा।

being gold complexioned he dwells in his handsome form

कानन कुंडल कुंचित केसा॥

You adorn earrings & curly hair.

हाथ बज्र औ ध्वजा बिराजै। You hold “Vajra” in one hand & flag in the other

काँधे मूँज जनेऊ साजै॥

You adorn the sacred thread “Janeu” prepared by “Munja grass” on your shoulder

शंकर स्वयं केसरी नंदन।

You are the delight of Shiva, the son of Kesari

तेज प्रताप महा जग बंदन॥

You possess a majestic aura & are admired by the whole world

बिद्यावान गुनी अति चातुर।

You are the laudable abode of the eighteen types of Vidya

राम काज करिबे को आतुर॥

You are always willing to serve lord Rama

प्रभु चरित्र सुनिबे को रसिया।

You adore listening Lord Rama’s legends

राम लखन सीता मन बसिया॥

You reside in the heart of Rama, his wife Sita & his younger brother Lakshman.

सूक्ष्म रूप धरी सियहिं दिखावा।

You searched Sita by adorning the miniscule form

बिकट रूप धरि लंक जरावा॥

And you set gold made Lanka ablaze by appearing in an outsized form

भीम रूप धरि असुर सँहारे।

You destroyed all the demons by taking horrendous form

रामचन्द्र के काज सँवारे॥

And that is how you performed all the deeds of Sri Rama.

लाय सँजीवनि लखन जियाए।

You carried the Dronagiri Mountain from Himalayas, which contained Sanjeevani to Lanka and saved Lakshman.

श्रीरघुबीर हरषि उर लाए॥

Elated by this act Sri Rama embraced you.

रघुपति कीन्हीं बहुत बड़ाई।

Rama applauded many times.

तुम मम प्रिय भरतहि सम भाई॥

Rama even said that you are dear to him just like his brother Bharat.

सहस बदन तुम्हरो जस गावैं।

Thousands of people will pay tribute to you

अस कहि श्रीपति कंठ लगावैं॥

Saying this; Rama again embraces you

सनकादिक ब्रह्मादि मुनीसा।

Many saints like Bhramha & Munisha

नारद सारद सहित अहीसा॥

Narad & Sarad have blessed Hanuman.

जम कुबेर दिक्पाल जहाँ ते।

Yama Kuber & Dikpal

कबी कोबिद कहि सकैं कहाँ ते॥

Kavi & Kovid, none could elucidate Hanuman’s glory.

तुम उपकार सुग्रीवहिं कीन्हा।

You were extreme benevolent to Sugreev

राम मिलाय राजपद दीन्हा॥

Befriended him with Rama & acquired him his Kingdom Kishkindha

तुम्हरो मन्त्र बिभीषन माना।

Even Vibhishan endorsed your mantra, as a result, became king of Lanka

लंकेश्वर भए सब जग जाना॥

Ravan, former king of Lanka, was scared of you.

जुग सहस्र जोजन पर भानू।

Sun, which is at thousands of distance from Earth

लील्यो ताहि मधुर फल जानू॥

You swallowed it believing it to be a syrupy fruit.

प्रभु मुद्रिका मेलि मुख माहीं।

Placing the ring in your mouth

जलधि लाँघि गये अचरज नाहीं॥

Its not astounding that you leaped the ocean

दुर्गम काज जगत के जेते ।

The obscure tasks of the world

सुगम अनुग्रह तुम्हरे तेते॥

were achieved by your grace

राम दुआरे तुम रखवारे।

You are the concierge & guardian of Rama’s court

होत न आज्ञा बिनु पैसारे॥

No one can enter in his court without your consent

सब सुख लहै तुम्हारी शरना।

All pleasures are attained by your refugee

तुम रक्षक काहू को डर ना॥

No fear can abode the one whom you protect

आपन तेज सम्हारो आपै ।

Once you commemorate your powers

तीनौं लोक हाँक ते काँपे॥

all three world’s start trembling with fear

भूत पिशाच निकट नहिं आवै।

Evil spirits can not disturb

महाबीर जब नाम सुनावै॥

when one sings your hymns & remembers you.

नासै रोग हरै सब पीरा।

you destroy all the ailments & take away all the pessimism

जपत निरंतर हनुमत बीरा॥

of those who regular remember you.

सब पर राम राय सिर ताजा

Though Rama is the Supreme Being

तिन के काज सकल तुम साजा॥

you accomplish all his tasks.

और मनोरथ जो कोई लावै।

If anyone ever desires for something

तासु अमित जीवन फल पावै॥

You fulfill his desires manifolds

साधु संत के तुम रखवारे।

You are Saints & the one who meditates protector

असुर निकंदन राम दुलारे॥

You slay demons & are dear to Rama

अष्ट सिद्धि नौ निधि के दाता।

You possess eight supernatural powers & nine treasures

अस बर दीन्ह जानकी माता॥

and this has been granted to you by Rama’s wife Sita.

तुम्हरे भजन राम को पावै।

Whoever sings your hymns directly possess the Supreme Being, Rama 

जनम जनम के दुख बिसरावै॥

and gets rid of all the adversities & negativities of life.

अंत काल रघुबर पुर जाई।

The one who is y our devotee, goes to the Supreme being’s abode after his body death

जहाँ जन्म हरिभक्त कहाई॥

And when they are reborn after that, they are always known as God’s devotees

और देवता चित्त न धरई।

Anyone who does not prayer to any other God

हनुमत सेइ सर्व सुख करई॥

but only to you, even he attains all the treasures of life ( generally it is said that every god imparts something or the other)

संकट कटै मिटै सब पीरा।

All the ailments vanish & one is relieved from all the adversities

जो सुमिरै हनुमत बलबीरा॥

once when someone becomes your devotee & remembers you.

जय जय जय हनुमान गोसाईं।

I praise the victorious , the master of all senses, Hanuman

कृपा करहु गुरुदेव की नाईं॥

just like guru showers his blessings on his disciple, shower me with your blessings

यह सतबार पाठ कर जोई।

The one who recites this hymn 100 times

छूटहि बंदि महा सुख होई॥

All his troubles vanish & he gains all the life’s treasures.

जो यह पढ़ै हनुमान चालीसा।

Who ever recites this Chalisa

होय सिद्धि साखी गौरीसा॥

obtains all the powers & lord Shiva is the witness of this.

तुलसीदास सदा हरि चेरा।

Tulsidas, who is the writer of this Chalisa, will always remain you disciple

कीजै नाथ हृदय महँ डेरा॥

and he prays to the lord enshrine in his soul always.

पवनतनय संकट हरन मंगल मूरति रूप।

I call upon son of wind, an auspicious form to remove all miseries of my life

राम लखन सीता सहित हृदय बसहु सुर भूप॥

I pray to you to reside in my heart with Rama, Sita & Lakshman.

” जय श्री राम जय वीर हनुमान ”

“Jai Shri Ram Jai Veer Hanuman” 

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