Motivation Quotes Today in #Life, whenever we have to move fast towards #Success, then we need to be #Motivate… But the question arises that how do we motivate ourselves…? 

To get motivated, many people listen and read motivational speeches, while some people read motivational books and motivational quotes. But what if we don’t know what inspiration is? So there is not much benefit of being Motivated. Motivation means awakening the hidden inner powers inside you and use them for your success.

 Motivational speeches, Motivational books, Motivational Quotes work to bring out our hidden powers and we get motivated by them. Friends, today I have compiled some inspirational quotes in English to motivate you.

 Please read them from beginning to end and hope that you will definitely be motivated by these Motivational Quotes. 

1. Faith in success is a greater achievement than success.

2. The Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna is the only enjoyer. Everyone and everything else is the object of his enjoyment. 

3. Life is like a game and if you want to win this game you have to be patient.  

4. Our main disease is to collect objects that are not related to Krishna 

5. Anyone who does not serve Hari, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, is ignorant and a killer himself.

6. To learn to tolerate is one of the most important responsibilities of those living in the math.

7. Rupanuga devotees offer all glory to the original source instead of depending on their own strength.

8. Those who perform assorted religious activities can not serve the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

9. Become united with one purpose and serve Hari.

10. Where there is discussion about Hari, that is a place of pilgrimage.

11. We are not pious, sinful or learned or ignorant, we are the carriers of the dust of the feet of the Supreme Lord Sri Hari and we are initiated by the mantra “kirtaniyah sada harih.” 

12. My advice is, do not criticize others. Try to rectify yourself.

13. Our supreme duty is to serve the residents of Vraja who are afflicated by Krishna ‘s departure to Mathura. 

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14. A pure devotee knows that everyone is the spiritual master. Therefore, a pure devotee can be jagad-guru.

15. If we want to follow the path of true auspiciousness, we should give up the countless opinions of people and only hear the words of the vedas.

16. Whatever is auspicious should be desired. 

17. If one just serves the Supreme Personality of Godhead and his devotees, his attachment to his household will diminish. 

18. There is no other way of associating with transcendence besides hearing. 

19. As soon as we lose the shelter of a protector, everything around us will become our enemy and attack us. Topics about Krishna spoken by a genuine saint are our only protector.

20. A flatterer can never become a guru or a preacher. 

21. It is better to remain in millions of species like birds, beasts, insects and worms than become deceitful. One who is free from deceit receives auspiciousness. 

22. Vaisnavism is the other name of simplicity. The servants of the paramahamsa Vaishnavas are simple; therefore they are the best brahmanas. 

23. The only duty of the most merciful persons is to transform the degraded taste of people. If you can save even one person from the great force of MahaMaya, then that will be a greater act of philanthropy than opening millions of hospitals. 

24. Those who have not learned to develop their propensity to serve the Supreme Lord from self realized souls, no matter how pleasing their association may be, it should never be desired. 

25. Preaching without practicing is nothing but a ritual of karma-kanda. 

26 “Neither in this world nor elsewhere is there any happiness in store for him who always doubts” 

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27 “That one person is dear to me who runs not after the pleasant or away from the painful, grieves not, lusts not, but lets things come and go as they happen”

28 “Real humility protects us from being envious of somebody who can do better than us.” 

29 “Bhakti is simply a desire to love and know God, and when that desire is strong enough, every action that follows becomes a heartfelt offering in his service.”

30 “Spirituality is the greatest power. When it is in good hands it has the greatest power but when it is in the wrong hands, it can have the greatest damage.” 


32. “Happiness is a state of the heart, it’s not a state of what we accumulate externally.”

33. “For spiritual evolution, grace is essential.” 

34. “A good way to cultivate kindness and interconnectedness with the natural world is to explore ways to consume less.”

35. “No gesture is too small. Don’t be discouraged from making your own small gestures.” 

36. Our actual identity should be, “I am Kṛṣṇa’s.” When we think in this way, we are thinking in Kṛṣṇa consciousness. Only in this way can universal love among all living entities be established. Kṛṣṇa is related to everyone as eternal father, and consequently when we establish a kṛṣṇa conscious relationship, we become related to everyone. 

37. “Divine love is very rare. But the supreme person, gives it easily to those who sincerely want it more than anything else.” 

38. “To succeed is a natural joy for people. But when we connect with the love of God in our hearts, with our own nature, then we begin to find even greater joy in seeing the success of others. This is what it really means to be a well-wisher.” 

39. “Awareness of our interdependence with the world and our ultimate dependence on the source of this world has a strong and immediate effect: freedom from fear.” 

40. “There is no greater joy in all of creation than discovering the love that is within our hearts; everyone is looking for that love.” 

41. “Grace carries us through and then beyond life’s impediments and provides a level of satisfaction so high that it puts all material pleasure to shame.” 

42. “A person who understands the true value of humanity and spirituality knows that whatever we have, our intelligence, our strength, our influence, its entrusted to us by God and we are meant to serve others with that, to uplift others with whatever we have.” 

43. “Everyone is interdependent and the quality of a meaningful life is how we live in harmony with others. That harmony is the basis of compassion.”

44. “Grace is the extension of God’s hand even though we don’t deserve it. It is the transcendent, ever existing expression of the divine’s love, and like the sun, it spreads its rays impartially, it shines for each of us.” 

45. “We may have weaknesses, we strive to overcome those weaknesses, but we don’t have to pretend that we don’t have them.”

46. “The three modes of nature goodness, passion and ignorance – influence everything. Goodness relates to preservation, passion to creation, and ignorance to destruction.” 

47. “The quality of our life is so much dependent on the character and the quality of the mind.”

48. “Don’t measure the law of karma with eyes that see only the immediate. We have to take a broader view: we are eternal souls in need of healing and focus in order to regain our spiritual health.”

49. “Things can give some degree of satisfaction to the mind and senses but it cannot give any gratification to the heart.” 

50. “Each and every single one of us can make a significant difference in the world.” 

51. “Time is so precious. Every moment is special because according to how we utilise it, will determine our state of consciousness.”

52. “To be a good follower is a prerequisite to be a good leader – humility and gratitude are very important. To be grateful for the gifts that we have received and to be humbled by the opportunity to use them.” 

53. “The most important thing for a leader is to demonstrate and give an example of character. The type of character where we’re not leading to serve our own selfish interests or ego, but leading based on the principle of what sanskrit calls ‘seva’, or actual service to others.” 

54. “The material world is inherently sacred because it is part of the energy of the supreme person. It’s filled with limitless opportunities for liberation or, if we choose, for distraction.” 

55. “The real power is the power to control our mind and senses. To live with dignity, with integrity, with compassion – that is true power. That’s the power that can change the world.”

56. “Without fear, you can feel deeper compassion for those who suffer and then do something to alleviate the pain.” 

57. “When we forget the love of God within us, then we become vulnerable to the ego and arrogance.”

58. “We can elevate our energy to the spiritual through sincere prayer, meditation, meaningful ritual, and the chanting of sacred mantras.” 

59. “Divine love is an incomparable gift and one that may elude us even after a lifetime of spiritual practice. Such love is revealed only to those with a sincere and devoted heart, to those who love to serve.” 

60. “Every part of the body matters, but if a particular part of the body is wounded, then every part of the body gives special attention and focus to heal that wound. So all lives do matter, not only that of humanity but all living beings.”

61. “Transformation of character is what true spirituality is supposed to achieve within us.” 

62. “The happiest things in life are the simplest things.”

63. “Education is power. And the most important principle of education is to have a foundation of high ideals and high character.” 

64. “If we do good for others, goodness will come to us. If we cause harm to others, harm is going to come to us.”